Embalajes Airplastic S.L.U.

Embalajes AIRPLASTIC, which was founded in 1975 by Mr Eduardo Blanchard Castillo, a great businessman who knew how to identify and adapt to the demands of industrial development during his time, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of polyethylene bubble wrap that offers a wide range of products for packaging.

An ever-growing company that has doubled its facilities, and is always at the forefront of the development of new products with which to expand its portfolio and thus meet current needs for protection and packaging, while being absolutely respectful of the environment at all times.

Embalajes AIRPLASTIC has facilities with high-tech machinery, operated by highly qualified personnel, which allows the company to meet the needs of its customers with a wide variety of sizes, qualities and laminated rolls, as well as various bags and formats, thus covering most industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, rest, moving, art among others.

With its many years of experience and an excellent location, it has a distribution network that allows it to provide the best service and meet customers needs quickly and efficiently.