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Bubble wrap rolls, bags and formats, alone or laminated with other materials, intended for the protection of all types of parts and elements, based on the items and their weight, for industries such as the automotive, chemical, agri-food, equipment, consumer goods and more…


Bags for all sizes, pull resistant, for the protection of sofas, armchairs and other household furniture, avoiding friction and small dents thanks to the protection and safety provided by the bubble wrap.


Wide range of formats for parcel delivery, both in bubble wrap rolls and in bags of any size, for safe shipment of the items whatever the destination.


Bubble wrap rolls with aluminum as thermal insulation for housing, and polyethylene foam with foil, also used as thermal and acoustic insulation in parquet and wooden flooring fitting.


Protection of all types of furniture for moving, safe transport thanks to the bubble wrap with Kraft paper or with foil, the product may be custom printed with the client’s logo.


Blue color high grammage bubble wrap rolls for the manufacture of swimming pool covers, which features a UV stabilizer that protects from solar radiation, and prevents heat loss at night.

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